WoW Blacksmithing Guide: Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands!

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WoW Blacksmithing Guide: Make Gold in WoW Shadowlands!

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Welcome to our complete guide on how to make gold with Blacksmithing in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. This will summarize all the materials, recipes, and leveling paths you’ll want to take for optimizing this profession for gold-farming. We’ll discuss some things that we think you should prioritize over others, as well as give you some additional tips for generating extra money with Blacksmithing. Buy wow classic gold

Making gold in WoW Shadowlands with Blacksmithing shouldn’t be a problem for anyone, including the new players. The profession is very straightforward and doesn’t differ much from the rest of the crafting professions. Sure, it has some recipes that are a bit tricky to create, but if you follow our advice, you’ll have no issues doing that. So, let’s jump into the complete guide on how to make money in WoW Shadowlands with Blacksmithing as your primary profession right now!

Blacksmithing has been one of the go-to professions for many players since the start of World of Warcraft. Through the years, Blacksmithing has had many powerful bonuses, like buffs and items. And in the past, you could’ve doubled your profit since you could craft strong BoE items for both plate and mail wearers.

Battle for Azeroth has narrowed its crafting path, though. However, Shadowlands has given Blacksmithing new recipes that are useful to many classes and specs. And thus, this profession is once more on the path for steady gold-making!

Now, the biggest change here was the introduction of the Legendary Items in WoW Shadowlands. This category of items is a part of the game once again. But this time, Legendaries are crafted with professions and not received randomly by raid bosses. In Shadowlands, we have the freedom to choose which Legendary Effect we want for our characters. And every class and spec in the game is almost required to craft one for playing the game at level 60.

That said, the Warrior, Paladin, and Death Knight classes (which are pretty powerful and popular in this expansion) all depend on Blacksmithing to craft their Legendary Items. And our intention with this Blacksmithing guide for WoW Shadowlands is to teach you to target this category for gold-farming.

But, know that that’s not all! Blacksmithing can also create sharpening stones and weightstones like [Porous Sharpening Stone] or [Shaded Weighstone]. These are Attack Power buffs that you can use on your weapons which last for 1 hour. They’re essentially free for you if you’re a Blacksmith, but you could also sell them at the Auction House since melee classes are constantly for them.

To pick up Blacksmithing as your profession, head over to Oribos. The NPC you’re looking for is called Smith Au’Berk. He sits in the middle of the Hall of Shapes part of the city, at the exact spot of 40.5, 31.5. All you’ll need to do is talk to him about learning [Shadowlands Blacksmithing] for a cheap price. And when you’re done, you’ll immediately be able to craft the first recipes of the profession.

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